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Wedding Menus

Dinner or foods is one of the important matter of wedding ceremony in Pakistan. How frequently do you see all of the guests sit after the dinner??? How often do you criticize the wedding ceremony when the food served was not up to the mark??? Hence the point is, wedding ceremony ceremony in PAKISTAN are known for the food and your wedding ceremony reception that is Barat`s is the day when you want everything to be perfect especially the dinner served.

Following Are The Tips For Wedding Food:

Food is the main element of the parties, whether it is a wedding ceremony or any other social occasion OR party. For Pakistani wedding ceremony, guests often judge the success or failure of a wedding ceremony by the quality of the food and location. There are a couple of things to consider here is:

1. Start planning well in advance do somethings

You may think food`s is something that should only take a couple of days or weeks to plan.

You will need to book well catering services or make well arrangements for food at least a couple of days in advance if you want things to work out in an efficient/correctly and organized way`s. There are a lot of detail`s and things involved, so don`t wait until the last minute to do this!

2. Write down OR keep in mind all the things involved in food preparation

This include`s cooking the food, getting waiter`s and waitresses`s to serve the food, deciding what kind of menu you want, how you want the food to look`s, etc.

Write down OR keep in mind all of the tasks involved so you can get a clear picture of exactly what need`s to be done.

3. Select a wedding ceremony food committee`s

These committee`s is responsible for taking care of all food arrangement`s for the wedding ceremony OR party. It must work in consultation`s with you. You will make the main decision`s, but they will take care of the detail`s including booking caterers, getting server`s, etc. Get friend`s with experience in this field to be in charge of these committee`s. A note of warning`s though: make sure that once the caterer`s has been booked, the food committee`s doesn`t meddle unnecessarily in the arrangement`s.

Let the professional`s handle their territory in the way they know best how do it. The wedding ceremony committee`s should just take care of booking the caterer`s, providing them with the right guideline`s for food preparation`s, and occasionally checking up on them.

4. Establish OR make a budget

How much should you really spend on wedding ceremony`s food?

This can only be determined after careful researches. If you have started planning on time and you have got your food committee in place, give them a deadline to get this information to you by (i.e. the cost of catering, servers, etc.).

Then once you have the options in front`s of you, you can decide how much you are willing to spend on food for the wedding ceremony.

It is important to remember that wedding ceremony ceremony should be simple. Consider this Hadith of Prophet MOHAMMED (Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him): `The best wedding ceremony is that upon which the least trouble and expense is bestowed`. (Mishkat)

5. Make a decision about meal, if you want to cook the meal yourself or cater

There are many advantage`s and disadvantage`s to each option.

6. Make sure Fats & sweets are in less use!

For instance, for meat, try using lean meat`s in dishes. You can reduce oil in rice and in other dishes.

7. If you are catering make sure they will allow you to use your own meat`s

This is important if you and your guest`s are conscious about eating Zabiha(Hilal) meat. Make sure that you have the option of providing meat to the caterer`s for you meal. If not, consider switching to another caterer OR wedding ceremony planer.

8. Ensure the food will be warm OR hot when it is served

What could be more disappointing`s than cold, unappetizing`s wedding ceremony food?

There are different ways of getting around this problem. If you decide`s to get the wedding ceremony food catered, discuss this issue with the caterers and see what solution`s they propose.

9. Diversify your menu`s

Should you serve a traditional Pakistani`s, Middle Eastern, or American menu?

Living in a country that`s a melting pot`s gives you the advantage of serving guests food of different ethnology-cultural backgrounds.

Even if the bride`s and the groom`s are both Pakistani`s, it should be remembered that not all of the guest`s may be. Also, kids today may be of different cultural background`s and follow different ethic`s, but when it come`s to food, pizza and french fries, for instance, are favorite`s across the board.

You don`t have to have an entirely Pakistani`s menu. You can have the main meal of one ethnic OR cultural background and the dessert of another.

Also, do not forget to take into account`s the needs of those with certain dietary restriction`s. Can you offer a sugar free dessert for the benefit of guest`s who are the patient of diabetes? Can you cut back on lot`s of rich, fatty food for the benefit of everyone, especially the heart patients among your guest`s?

10. Decide how OR which way the food is going to be served

There are different way`s caterers serve food at wedding ceremonies and other such occasions OR parties. These include the following:

- American service: individual plate`s are prepared and hand-delivered to guest`s. You will need lots of organized server`s for this to work properly, efficiently and effectively.
- Buffet styles: long tables of food are set up and guest`s and serve themselves. This is actually an option that can save your money because fewer server`s are necessary to do this. Also, less food OR meal is wasted, since guest`s take only as much as they want, instead of being stuck with a specific portion and section.
- Family style`s: in these setup`s, large platter`s of food are brought to each table and people help themselves. This can be helpful if you have families coming, but it will obviously require servers, which will cost more money


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